Blausberg Baby

Muslin nursing pillow cover with nest-building function for Theraline Das Original (190 cm x 40 cm)

A nursing pillow is a real must for every expectant mother. It is a real help in many ways. During pregnancy, it helps you to relieve the strain on your body. It is so malleable and soft that you can support and rest your baby bump and back, your arms and legs on it.

Thanks to its size and malleability, it is also perfect for breastfeeding your baby. If you drape it around you like a horseshoe, your baby can lie softly on the pillow in front of you, while it provides you with comfortable and firm support on your back for a long time.

The nursing pillow from Blausberg Baby also offers another useful function. Thanks to the four practical snap fasteners, you can fix the nursing pillow in its shape to form a nest for your baby. This way, it stays stable even when you lift it up and offers a wonderful and lightweight alternative to a bassinet. Laid in the nest, you can quickly take your baby with you into any room where you don't want to let it out of your sight. There it will lie snuggly and safely. However, please never leave it lying on the nursing pillow unattended for safety reasons.

The nursing pillow can also be used as a pillow, side sleeper pillow or positioning pillow.

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